Flvto Plugin

Flvto Plugin

Flvto Plugin is available for various types of web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, etc. Before installing the plugin for your web browser, you're required to read the detailed instructions so that it can make easier to use for accessing the online videos to convert them into audio format. 

How Flvto Plugin Works

Whether for Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, Flvto Plugin will be inserted in web browser that gives you a handy option of fast conversion. This plugin is available directly on your web browser and you need to click convert MP3 button on your required web page.

How to Install Flvto Google Chrome Plugin for Windows

Google Chrome Plugin by Flvto allows you to download music from video websites without copying the URLs so often. The main advantage of this add-on is that conversion of audio files can be completed within a couple of clicks. It makes your converting process faster and easier. In order to add the extension of plugin to your Google Chrome browser, you're required to follow some steps such as extract files from the archive, go to chrome extensions, choose developer mode option, click load unpacked extension button, find the extracted Google Chrome Extension file on your computer, and enable the conversion of video file to MP3 button. Before that, you need to install Flvto Plugin for your Google Chrome browser.

Once you've successfully completed the download process, you need to extract files from the archive. After that, go to chrome extensions and you can find them at right corner of the web page. For that, press the more tools and click extensions. Under extensions section, you make sure that enable developer mode option which allows you to add or remove extensions. Later, you need to click the load unpacked button and you're required to find the extension of Flvto on your computer. Choose the downloaded folder and it will be automatically added to your chrome browser very easily. So, you can view the extension button from video files to MP3 button in your list of extensions. Accordingly, you can see direct plugin in your extensions list on video websites so you can easily access the button and enjoy the results.

How to Install Plugin for Mac

It offers you an opportunity to shorten your time and spending on converting websites. Accordingly, it makes your converting process very easier and more convenient. If you're using Mac desktop or laptop, you need to follow the below steps in order to add the extension to web browser. The steps are including open a folder with downloaded Flvto Extension file, go to web browser extensions, drag and drop Flvto .crx file to extensions, enable the extension button, click the convert to MP3 button and enjoy the favorite music whenever you want.

At initial stage, you need to download Flvto Plugin for Mac and open a folder with downloaded extension. You just go to web browser extensions which can be available at right corner of the page and select the flvto.crx file from the downloaded folder. You need to drag and drop it to the extensions folder of your browser. If you make sure that enable the video files to MP3 button, you can view it on a browser extensions list. Within a couple of seconds, you can convert the video files into MP3 file and enjoy the listening to your favorite music.