Flvto Mp4

FLVTO MP4 is a name of the audio conversion file and it is generated from the video downloaded file which came from the URL that you copy and paste on the online website of www.flvto.biz. To generate the FLVTO MP4 file, you have to follow the below steps such as:
  • At first instance, you need to copy your desired URL of the video file and paste that URL on the website of FLVTO.
  • After clicking the enter button, the video file automatically downloaded by the FLVTO by the use of entered URL.
  • Finally, the video file converted into the audio file which is in MP3 type and if you want another type like MP4, AAC, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc., you required choosing your interested option while conversion. 
This is the procedure for the online website of FLVTO and it always makes some amendments in their functioning for easier access and convenience. In this way, FLVTO launched its desktop software which is also as similar as FLVTO online website but the advantage is you need not visit the website www.flvto.biz and directly, you can click the installed software. Using that software, you can get same features as an online website like the conversion of the audio file and another feature also added that is you can save the audio file to the destination location of your computer wherever you want. The file saved to your computer with the similar name as a video file. 

FLVTO extended its feature by facilitating the mobile software also and it subsumes same technical features as online and desktop software. The FLVTO supports mobile devices like iPhone, Samsung, and other Android mobile phones. The mobile software is automatically saved to the MP3 app if you are having in the mobile and if not, the audio file is opened on QuickTime. Here, you can opt for the MP4 type then it will be converted as FLVTO MP4.Later, FLVTO provides you add-ons for several websites like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. for improved performance. Using these add-ons, you can directly click the conversion button and it converted the video file to audio file conversion and the benefit is that you are not required to copy and paste the URL into the website. Finally, you can get the options like either open or download so that you can choose your option.

If you are having an account in the online website of FLVTO, you are responsible for keeping your password as confidential. In order to secure your information, the company uses reasonable physical, technical and managerial authorized database and it can not assure the warranty of secure information or content that you transmitted to the company. You can entitle to access, correct or delete your information that you have updated in the online website www.flvto.biz. feedback. Based on the FLVTO company have the right to collect the information from your last visit to the online website where the company contacts the third-party companies to gather the information. The third-party companies consider the cookies or beacons to extract the information from your visits. With the obtained information, the company take the actions to improve the performance in terms of website updations.