Flvto For Mac

Predominantly, FLVTO is used for conversion of your most desirous video files to audio format in MP3 version. Generally, FLVTO is available through the online website and you can transform the video file into MP3 format but it is inconvenient for you. So that, FLVTO introduced a desktop software to show a path of the convenience to you with the extension of online website. This desktop software supports for desktops or laptops or tablets which are operating under the MacOS or Windows.

FLVTO for Mac is having similar steps conversion as FLVTO online website such as first copy the URL which is the URL of your desired video and paste it into the entry space of FLVTO, then the file will be downloaded by FLVTO converter by using the URL as reference and converted into audio format which is in MP3 type by default. However, you can choose your own option for conversion of a file where multiple options are available for you such as MP4, AVI, AAC, MOV, WMV, etc. By selecting your option, you can convert the file into the audio version of your chosen type.

FLVTO for Windows also subsuming same steps as FLVTO for Mac.  The FLVTO for Mac is compatible with the downloading from any flash video player and the file name is saved as the name of the video file. While saving, you can opt for destination location of your computer where the file will be saved. Another benefit also provided by FLVTO for Mac which is you can convert as many desired video files at once. Later, the FLVTO extended its features in which you can use the FLVTO converter on your mobile and it is the optimum option for the persons who want to listen to the favorite music whenever they desired and whether you are not in a home or office.

Using this Android supported FLVTO converter, you can convert the video file to audio format very easily and this procedure of conversion also as similar as the online website and FLVTO for Mac. So, you need not learn the new procedure for implementation to convert the video file. But, the advantage is the converted file is directly saved to the MP3 app of your mobile if the mobile consists MP3 app only owing to that the file automatically converted to MP3 type. If your mobile not having the MP3 app, it will be prompted that open or save and you can choose any one of the options whatever you want to perform the action by FLVTO.

In addition to all these features, FLVTO step ahead with add-ons and these updations and advantages placed it in one of the top 30,000 websites in the United States of America. By using the FLVTO add-ons, you can directly click the conversion button without processing of copy and paste the URL into the template due to the FLVTO add-ons install the conversion button within the browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc. Accordingly, the desired video file is directly converted to audio file with the use of FLVTO add-ons. In conclusion, it will be prompted you that open or download the audio file and you can prefer one option to listen your favorite music your Android mobile, desktop or laptop or tablet.