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FLVTO is the music file conversion software which is available directly on the online website www.flvto.biz . It is compatible with wide range of video and audio formats for laptops, desktops, smartphones etc. It is highlighted among 200 million file conversions owing to its efficient technical features and having 8 million users across its platforms.
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How to Download Video/Audio From Flvto

  • Visit Official Website
  • Paste the URL of Desired video
  • Choose from the options mp3,mp4,mp4 hd,avi,avi hd and submit the download button
  • Flvto Generates the downloadable video/audio format and you are free download the file locally on your computer

Predominantly, FLVTO is a video converter that can be able to convert as many as ninety-nine songs at once. It offers you that you can select the URL of the desired video and paste it into the FLVTO converter template which generated the downloadable audio file. With the converted file, you can embed the files on site or messages due to its automatic generation of Html code for you. The file conversion can be a wide range of audio file formats subsuming MP3, MP4, FLV, WMV, AVI and MOV which will be compatible with SoundCloud, DailyMotion, Vimeo and other flash based video websites. It software supports on both Windows and MacOS operating systems and additional add-ons available for Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. The software is most popular in the United States of America and got placed in the top 3,000 websites in the US as well as globally.

Development of FLVTO 

Initially, it was an online converter which is available on the main page of the website and it has gone through several changes and updates for creating a convenient way to you. Essentially, it subsumes three main steps for conversion such as:
  • At initial point, you need to copy and paste the URL from the desired video clip into the template of FLVTO.
  • Later, the FLVTO downloads that video from the reference of URL.
  • By taking the reference as URL, it automatically generates the file in audio format in different types. 
You can convert the video to audio format from anywhere but make sure you need to have internet connection for your electronic gadget whether PC, laptop or smartphone, etc. Here, the file conversion by FLVTO to audio format in MP3 by default and you can choose other formats also such as MP4, MOV, WMV, AAC, AVI, etc. Once completion of the conversion of an audio file, you can download it from the site and generated the URL which is useful for you to incorporate into the email or message.

Based on the updates and modifications in FLVTO, it offers you a free desktop version of the software so that you can download the software for free and it is available for desktops or laptops which operated under MacOS or Windows. Like online converter, you can convert the video clip to audio file conversion with several options including MP3, MP4, AAC, WMV, etc. After completing the process of conversion, it immediately saves the file into computer's destination according to your choice. This software also has the ability to download the audio files from various video clips and convert them to audio formats of MP3 default or you can choose your own format from multiple available options . Then, the file automatically saved to your computer with the name as on a video clip. You can convert the entire video playlists at a time by the use of FLVTO software and the converted files all are saved to the same destination as you had chosen before.

In order to get more easier access and comfort, it added another amendment in their features that is the mobile version of the FLVTO software which is having same features as online and desktop software. To enjoy the features of it, you can download the app from online website www.flvto.biz and it supports the mobile devices like iPhone, Samsung, and other Android mobiles.As same as the online and desktop software of FLVTO, you can download the audio file from a specified video clip by entering the relevant URL into the query status bar of FLVTO app. By default, the video is automatically converted to the version of MP3 or else you can choose your own file version. If you are having the MP3 app on your mobile, you can view the conversion file when open the app and if not, the file immediately opens in your mobile. The mobile software of FLVTO constitutes a file conversion speed which is approximately close to desktop and online website. 

As a part of modifications in it, it provides you the extra benefit that several additional internet browsers add-ons for FLVTO improved performance. These add-ons available for Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. and they install a conversion button directly within the browser to avoid the manual input of URL. If you click that add-on, you can get the converted file which is in the audio conversion from the downloaded video file. Ultimately, it will be prompted you to either open or download the audio conversion file and you can choose one option whatever you want.

Service Terms of FLVTO

Before using the flv.biz website, you need to know the terms policy of it which make a contractual agreement between you and FLVTO. If you want to use the it, you require to accept the terms and conditions set by the company otherwise it will navigate away from the website or cease your access.

Eligibility: You must ensure that your age should be 18 years above to use this flvto software.

Grant of Use: It grants you non-transferable and non-exclusive access to convert the video file to audio format. You have to remember that the grant of use may terminate for any reason with or without prior notice. As part of termination, the company block your mail id, delete your account on FLVTO website or remove or delete your information that you have uploaded on the website. You should acknowledge that the company will not responsible for you or any third party in the situation of termination of your grant use.

Intellectual Property: For conversion of the files, you represent and warrant that you have all rights. If not, you will get the conversion files based on the consent of the author.

Converter: FLVTO provides you a unique converted feature which may allow you to use the converter for your own personal or non-commercial purposes and you may not alter any portion of the converter. 
Fees: You need to recognize that the company has the right to charge at any time for its services and change the fees based on sole discretion. Due to the violation of the terms policy of it, your access will be terminated by the company and in this situation, you will not get any refund of your portions of the payment. The fees might be amended from time to time which is governed by rules. 

Privacy Policy: The company makes amendments at any time in the existing privacy policy which can be posted on the website. Regardless of whether you have actually read the amendments in the privacy policy, you can continue the use of the website as before you had used. 

In accordance with the privacy policy, the company allows third party companies to collect the information when you use the website and it strictly prohibited the use of the website by persons who are having 18 below age. The third-party companies gathered the information of yours non-personally identifiable information like browser type, time and date of your use, subject of advertisements clicked during your visits or other websites in order to know the great interest of yours and according to that, take the action by the company for improving the goods and services. To find the information of yours, the third-party companies mostly used cookies or third-party beacons. 

You can use the website www.flvto.biz without having an account in it in which only IP address, location, and type of devices can be recorded for log file information, traffic aggregate information and is there any misappropriation of information or content. The company may record the information that you have watched the video on the online website, frequency and size of data transfers and other statistics.

If you are having your account, the company may associate the updated information to that account. Any content or video file can be uploaded to the online website by your's and the website discloses the information which included your profile page, comments and that video may be used and downloaded by others. While using the online website of FLVTO, the company might be sent cookies to your personal computer to track the information your website sessions and it may use both session and persistent cookies to find the website sessions of yours.

 Based on the collection of your information, Company focuses on the improvements in the website including operate, maintain and functionality. Without your consent, it will not use your email id and personal information for marketing messages and it may use your personal information for non-marketing and administrative purposes without your permission. By the use of cookies and web beacons, the company monitors the number of users and page views to provide targeted advertising according to your origin country and other personal information.